So it’s ok to do “Blackface” if you are or Leon Schuster or a “radio” comedian?

Aaah.  Blackface.  The politically incorrect assumption that it is perfectly acceptable to just “blacken up” for a role.

Al Jolsen made it famous back in the day.  That day was like 70 years ago though…but here in South Africa it is common today as it was…er during apartheid.

This photo is like 80 years old.

We have two particular examples here in South Africa.  Whilst doing a spot of blackface, they also feel the need to do it in drag too.

How the Outsurance adverts were approved by their board astounds me.  Here is a man doing an appaling impression of all the negative stereotypes possible.  I dont know him, nor am I bothered about how good an actor he is/isnt or that he wrote all the work himself…I personally find the Dolores character offensive for many reasons.

But I can see why they felt that it wasnt that much of an issue.  When the most successfull movie maker in South African history insists on it in pretty much every role.  I find it all about as funny as a man dressed in drag for a stag night asking me to feel his tits and feeling hilarious for it all.  Wankers

So if its ok for Leon…It seems to be ok for insurance companies too.

Its Hilarious you see...cos he is black...gettit?

This is even funnier...cos now he is a woman....and black...hahahaha yawn

So here lies the problem.  What do we do with this kind of shite.  At a bare minimum its just rubbish.  Looked into a bit deeper and its a bit more sinister.  I would love to hear some opionions of how black South African’s feel watching this shite.

South African comedians have been making a good tidy profit out of racism for what seems like forever. We have quite a culture of comedians paryoding other cultures. It is hack, it is unpleasant, and sadly. it is still rife in the industry.
We have an act here in SA who goes by the name of Kevin Perkins. He has a character he calls Michael Naicker.

He does a series of lazy stereotypes about Indian people in South Africa. Is he hated? Are people baying for his blood? no. Sadly people are if anything, queing up to buy tickets to his show.

We have another gentleman doing comedy on 5fm. He goes by the twitter name of @malytyren He parodies the “Coloured” community, but I have the sneakiest suspicion that he is in fact white. Does that not make it a little culturally insensitive by a major broadcaster? I wonder.

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12 responses to “So it’s ok to do “Blackface” if you are or Leon Schuster or a “radio” comedian?

  1. It’s an insult to black woman folk? It seems like whites South Africans will remain white. Can you imagine a black man doing a white Dolores? Outsurance has certainly defined their stand when it comes to black female consumers!

  2. Ive just seen that a bulk of our black youth screw over and take advantage of a very crap situation that never really affected them nor was the mistake made by those gettin punished, I also are all these white ass holes doing more 4 black people who suffer than the black people who made it! So y dnt these angry young black people stop writing crap like this and c in this life nt 2 expect people 2 consider u wen u dnt do the same 4 others, and even still tht wnt secure u anything

  3. what has your point got to do with this article?
    nobody is asking for apologies here.
    all im saying is that are our adverts and films in south africa have flimsy pretenses for racism

  4. It’s embarassing. Coloured comic and general legend Robby Collins called out Mal Tyren for his over the top accent saying that parodying coloureds is just setting them back. Tyren didn’t care. He said it was funny. So even if he is coloured (which I suspect he is not) he is still a doos.

  5. I don’t find the black act offensive: racial stereo types are every where, we make chineese,india and afrikaans voices all the time some times they are funny and other times they help drive home a point

    These sitre’s are just an acknowledgment of the cultural difference and service the building of the Rainbow nation the same way sport does. Once we stop being over sensitive about stereo types “which are mostly true” we can laugh at and get to know each other without walking on eggshells in order to avoid racial violence.

    South Africa is socially segregated I have no white friends and that’s because we don’t know each other. So if the black face,the ignorant angry boer and the Bargain chasing speed demon indian get the races going to the same shows and sharing drinks, I’m all for it.

    • I think you answered your own points.
      You say you do not have any white friends…..if stereotypes are what forces us apart? how can they bring us together?

  6. Well to put it to bed re. Mal Tyren, he actually is coloured and probably even vaguely funny compared to the other two muppets re. Outsurance and Kevin Perkins where the humour is beyond me and possibly most people.
    The difference is that Schuster’s films are extremely well supported and not just by the parties you would assume would support it and the figures show.

    But as for the Outsurance gig, who knows, it must be working because once again they showed their stupidity by blatantly shouting how many outbonuses they paid out- which is just the money from the small percentage that claimed, which means they are making too much money overall! So clearly the Dolores and Dave lark is working for them- but for f sakes they really need something new!!

    BUt as for blackfacing and the like, they are here to stay for a very long time.

    • I like your response. Does anyone actually know who the Mal Tyren character actually is?
      I cannot see why keeping the identity of a radio personality is necessary? Surely the whole point of radio is that you are more of less a private individual?

      Ashley from Outsurance contacted me via facebook a while back. I offered him the chance to come on the 2Oceansvibe show I co-host with Rob Van Vuuren. So far I haven’t heard back from him.

  7. Oh my farking word, what a bunch of bleeding hearts you all are.

    What about Trevor Noah? Arguably the funniest and most successful SA comedian. He parodies everyone, from Julius Malema to the hillarious impression of a nervous white housewife who wants to emigrate because of Julius Malema. Appaling? No. True? Maybe. Funny? You bet your big black willy it is.
    What, is it ok for him to do it because he has a black father and white mother?
    Or what about Eddie Murphy of old? His best stuff was always about mocking white dudes and the way they talk and act.
    Get off your high horses please. Its all very funny and I’ll hazard a guess that if you show the outsurance guy acting as an old black lady and show it to a real old black lady, she’ll be rolling in the aisles as well.

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