Perfect for Poachers!

Landrover 109- Ford Kent V6 engine.perfect for perlie poachers

Are you a budding Perlemoen Poacher? Perhaps worried about getting your rubber duck out of the surf and away from the meddlesome police as quick as possible?

well hello then.

or perhaps we find ourselves in a different world than that.
Maybe you are a Norwegian tourist keen on seeing our wonderful scenery and country.. you too could use a big Landrover to take you to exotic locations off far beaten tracks. whilst snacking down on some of our fine biltong…just dont ask for whale biltong please. have some respect!

Either way, you want a land rover yes!

of course you do…its macho and makes up for small reproductive organs. I know this all too well.

I need however something a little more feminine. Im not one of those folks. Im a mans man…but i need a car with curves and grace, not grunt and chest hair (albeit a wig)

I want to swap..or im going to sell this for R38k onco
This cabbie has it all. Everything you would need to set up an illegal poaching operation. Hell its not even licenced properly. It has a kick ass audio system too. After a while of screaming V6 engine sounds, the dulcet tones of Nianell come in quite nicely.

six by nines. thats right…two of them. klank doos lekker!

what have you ekse?
perhaps a big old merc’ or something similar…
no naff chico’s or conquests here matey..
or perhaps you have something out of the ordinary… a unicorn’s horn.
a scale from a mermaid…im open to suggestion.
a script to an amusing south african sit-com

no patricia lewis and cliff richard back catalogues of tunes on mp3 accepted!

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