I wonder if i perhaps have a learning difficulty

Hello kindly people.

I’m not sure what it is with me. Or why i develop such a passion for something to distract me, only to lose interest and find myself wasting my time and efforts on what seems like nothing.

Ive faffed. Ive faffed like my life was just a dream.
In that time i have developed interests in hobbies and pursuits, well not worth pursuing.
So here i sit once again stuck searching ebay for everything from recycled plant pots to soviet life rafts. My plan to ride a motorbike around Europe is just around the corner. I need work. I need gigs, I need to get my arse in gear.

My entire life here in cape town needs to be packed up. Its something that seizes me with terror. The mere thought of having to go through all that bloody paperwork makes me ill. Ive kept receipts for everything.. Oooh i hear you probably not say.. That’s a good thing. Well it would be if there was perhaps a system to identify what is utter toss. say the receipt for the milk, versus the VAT receipt i have lost somewhere in teh thousands of bits of paper the truly important stuff.

Oh well.. Its not the end of the world. But moving around the world does need documentation. Something else i lack. My south african passport expired back before Madiba was out there doing the limbo dance at big functions. Its got a picture of me in there from high school. Needless to say its time for an update. Also helping the fact is that the UK now charges for a visa for South African citizens. Due to our Home affairs being in a terrible state of affairs.

Ah bugger. That’s an early morning rise to sort that out.

I’m off to bed

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