Rocking the Daisies Comedy Festival Line up…..

Comedia is bringing the funny back to Rocking the Daisies again this year with our own comedy tent. Somewhere for you to sit, relax and laugh out loud with some of the best comedians in the country.

The line up for the Comedy Tent this year will be subject to change and availability. You can log onto for up to the minute show info, as well as full profiles and info on the acts you saw at this years event. The big blackboard outside the tent will let you know who when and what is on. Keep your eyes peeled for special guest performers. They will be popping up all over the show. The mix of performers at this years festival rank as the country’s best. From international film star comics (District 9), through to the stars of stage, screen, er commercials and sometimes the odd Dance show or two.

The Comedy kicks off on Friday night with the Comedia Late and Live show. The evening shows will be a slightly more risqué affair with comedy not pulling any punches.

Saturday has a full programmed day of entertainment in the Comedy Tent. Kicking off early, like some folks hangovers. So why not have a bit of a healthy meal, a cup of something warm and head down to the comedy tent to enjoy your start to the day. Other than just comedy, The Comedia Comedy Tent will host a series of things to keep you entertained. From Acoustic sets from some of the top artists at the event, through to circus performers and the just plain odd, weird and daft.

This year, we will be introducing a whole bunch of new features to the comedy tent. We will be having our first Alternative Afrikaans Comedy Hour. Exposing, some of the top Afrikaans comics in the country. There will also be an Comedy Improv hour along the lines of “Whose line is it anyway?” This year also see’s the introduction of the the COMEDIA New Comedy Platform. Giving the up and coming comedy acts from across the country the chance to perform at the festival and show you their skills. This year will have the largest gathering of comedians from across South Africa, performing at Rocking the Daisies than any other event ever.

Saturday night will close off with another Comedia Late and Live show.

Sunday begins with a easy gentle start to the day. Come down and find a seat for the final show of the fest. The Comedia Best of the Fest, will surely have you in fine spirits for your journey home. With the top acts of the weekend, coming down to do a final set and send you on your way home, filled with the funny.

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