Are you losing your hair?

I saw what must be my favorite advert on the telly. I called up and asked for a booklet on it. the advanced hair studio. Seen it before? Well let me brief you a little on this beauty,

Seems that down south, (Australia and South Africa) infomercial’s are as commonplace as melted chocolate. This is a cracking example of gall and guff. A series of sporting celebrities with a follicle shortage (They are bald!) have been happy to put their name to this product. now as a man with a full head of hair (and a fair bit now sprouting from my shoulders!) I am not one who needs this somewhat expensive product. But by jesus is it funny. Graham Gooch the old England Cricketing captain, looking for all intents and purposes like a camp Tom Selleck.. I just don’t. understand. Surely they agents and advisors. just how much cash were they offered. The best scene in the video is where Gregg Matthews the ex aussie cricketing legend performs a series of manly active tasks to show just how serious the product is.

He rides a jet ski

he does some judo

he smiles at women

he gets his hair tugged

he does a bit of dancing.

He may have done more. but by this stage the tears where running down my cheek so fast that I was not able to focus on this moment of glory. I was enlightened and I was amused. Probably part of the reason why I couldn’t sleep last night. there was just too much hilarity in that advert to let me lie and settle.

So like I say, I called up the toll-free number and ordered an information pack. They sounded very professional on the telephone. Considering the call center was open still at 2am! God Bless them and their kak jobs. Being in a call center sucks. I know I have done it before. Being in a call center at 2am means you probably have a criminal record and its the only job you can get. They didnt even laugh when I used my own variation of the military alphabet.

So Mr Evans, can you give me your postcode. “Sure, that’s SE16 6NB” ooh can you repeat the last part..

Sure.. That’s”n” for No Hair…. and “B” for bald..


not even a raise in the pitch of his voice..

not a titter or a humph


I wonder if they have approached Jaques Kallis yet?

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