I finally got some world cup tickets today.

I’m going to be watching the ultimate battle of the supermarket owners. Yes that probably comes across as a touch racist..But I will be watching Greece tackle South Korea in Port Elizabeth on the 12th June.  I’m torn as to who I will give my allegiance too.  At the end of the day I think im going to support Greece.  Mostly because the Greek car industry is bloody awful and they do make pretty decent food.  Nothing nearly as good as the Italians or the Spanish.  But I don’t eat dog.  Sorry for you Korea.  Dogs and Hyundai will not cut it with me.

because all asians are a whizz at maths (yes I include the "s" here)

There were stories of people queuing over-night just to get near the front of the queue.  Only to be told that there are no tickets available anyway.  Now they have jumped up in price to R800 plus.  Sod that.  I will rather do something else for that kind of money.

2 thoughts on “got your world cup tickets? what an effing palaverel

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