Has anyone else lost the pleasure of vehicle ownership

I dont know about you? But im sick of cars.
Sick of the cost. Sick of the petrol, sick of the repairs, the traffic the parking.

the list does go on.

I have been driving exactly half my life. Ive been behind the wheel of a vehicle somewhere in the world for the last seventeen years. When I was a kid I used to love playing the Top Trumps games with the exotic cars and tanks and shit. I knew every fact of every vehicle. It was an obsession that I thought would have transferred to my adult life.

Has it fuck.

My luck with cars can only be bettered than my luck with women. I have had some awesome cars in my past two. Cars that I loved. And seemed to love me back. and like some of the spiteful meanies that I have dated, I have also has some cars that have tried their best to kill me and my passengers whilst raping my wallet and pride at the same time.

Ok. So one thing is clear. we need some sort of transport. Look around the world and see how other cultures and people cope.
I want a horse.

better than a car on your shoulders?

One thought on “Has anyone else lost the pleasure of vehicle ownership

  1. Yeah..Cape Town is like the only city in South Africa where the lack of a car isn’t that much of an issue. Try getting around Joburg or Port Elizabeth without wheels. I can see why hijacking is so popular in other parts. Some folks just want to get home it seems….


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