Before the Parlotones became big, they used to smuggle Abalone. True Story

Man I do not like this band.  From flogging KFC through to bloody laptops.

I would like to shove one of those Gigabyte Netbooks where the ROM don’t shine.
(although im more than happy to see the lovely Sonia in the KFC ads with them)

I think its the fake “clockwork orange” make-up that does me.  You want running mascara tears?  I will give you tears you big jessy.   From a movie than showed extreme violence.  Perhaps it is fitting that I should wish to meet Mr Kahn Morbee in the ring one day.  For charity of course.  But only after I have fucked up Danny K first.
Although I have heard that Danny K is quite tidy with his fists, and by that I mean his fists (boxing), not sticking his hand up my bottom (fisting)

the band that sells more albums and abalone than Worsie Visser

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