I need you to vote for me. I need some good luck.

I have entered a competition.  Normally I never do this.
Why?  cos I never win anything.  But I think I have a good chance of winning this prize.

Considering that most of my plans have been shelved to buggery since my accident.  I figure that I could do with a week in California watching the surf, maybe doing a gig or two and generally boosting my “happy glands”.  Its been a shitty 2010 so far.  I should be more than healed up by August.

Hell even if im not…I fancy a break.  So folks…here is what I ask of you.  Please click on the link

Vote for me to go through.  All it needs is for you to click “vote”  and ideally send it on to your entire database of friends, enemies, lovers and haters.

You kind and considerate people…..

I will beg if needed for your vote. In fact i already am.

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