Jeff Dunham is coming to South Africa. yawn, blergh, fraap. Does nobody else find this guy a bit pants? Just me then..

I think its great that South Africa is starting to attract more and more international performers to our shores.

The rather famous and successful Jeff Dunham is coming over in a few months time.  Now please.  Forgive me for a second.  But I find the Achmet the dead terrorist to be soooooo bloody dull.  Anything that is popular as a ring tone is not my cup of tea when it comes to comedy.  but then again. If taste had value, Id be worth nearly a hundred bucks.  South Africans are not known particularly for having fine taste when it comes to the arts.  Hell even our ministers cannot look at a naked photo without screaming pornography.  So its with much dissapointment that I see we have Mr Dunham coming over.  Sure he will entertain you.  Sure you will be happy.

Hell, his youtube video of the little skeletal figure has over 110 million views.  Are there that many people with poor taste.  No bloody wonder artists like Bok van Blerk are the highest selling in our country.

At R250-R500 a ticket, so will he.  America’s most successful entertainer is coming to africa to make some cash money.  Are his puppets being flown on their own seat in first class or something?  I cannot see why tickets need cost this much for one man and some things he has his hand up the arse of.

Sure, you bring out the Commodores, you gonna have some expense.  All the extra baggage costs, the thirteen congo players, that sort of thing.  this is one fucking man and his puppets…  sweet jesus. For R500 I want to see a show, not educate your children.

Greedy fuckers.  At that kind of money, even is the seats at Grand West are only (er ahem..only) R250 each…He is grossing over R1.2 Million rand.  How many kids could be fed or educated in South Africa on that.  six.. maybe seven if you don’t send them to a fancy boys school in Cape Town.  Maybe its just the socialist in me…but that is fucking ridonkulous.

oh, yeah.  Catch him at these intimate venues in September.

Sun City Superbowl
Grand West Arena
Big Top Carnival City

he puts his hand up a puppets arse and charges over a million rand


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