Henry Rollins, American singer-songwriter, raconteur, stand-up comedian, spoken word artist, writer, publisher, actor, radio DJ, and activist.
All round good guy and built like he beats bears for money.  Will be touring South Africa shortly.

raap raaaaaaaaaaap raaap

Tickets for his spoken word tour are on sale here for R287.50  Not R290  no.  R287.50

I’ve not seen him live before.  I have heard  a few of his rants (spoken word) online and he does have a some strong opinions.  Probably most well known as the singer for Black Flag, and looking like he wants to moer you.  Henry Rollins has been doing the spoken word thing for some time now.  For those of you not familiar with what “spoken word” is.   I will explain.  Its like stand up comedy, but without as many laughs, and a few more social issues thrown in.  All in all it can be highly entertaining.  Sort of like protest poetry where the act can have a crack at the problems of society with a critical and thoughtful insight.  But it can be funny too.  In essence, funnier than Barry Hilton but smarter too, and it isn’t even proper comedy…wowzer, how is that even possible…?

Henry Rollins will be performing in Cape Town at the Baxter on the 8th May.
He is also in Pretoria at the State Theatre on the 6th May, Joburg at the Bassline on the 7th

A big stage for the big man
Actor, Musician, Spoken Worder, Bear Wrestler


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