Time for a whinge…oh yes Verimark and Glomail. May your companies die in a fire

Just one word.     “Infomercials”

now a few words about who to blame…

hmm…. Verimark and Glomail.  At least here in South Africa.

Seen that guy who comes on at the end of the advert and points his finger at you, telling you how this weeks’ special is, well….just that…..special.
“Now that.  Is my promise to you”  What a doos.

Not that anyone ever does, but should you buy me anything from a mail order company.  Its war.  Even if you are my mother.

Life is about lessons.  I learned mine from mail order by the age of 8, when i bought a series of encyclopedia’s that seemed to be manufactured out of toiletpaper and came with a free set of tarot cards.  Utter guff.

Anything sold with the premise, “not available in shops” has a reason for it.

it is shit.  And no shop is prepared to house this crap.  Cos if you picked it up and looked at it you would laugh…but you would buy it off the telly, if presented to you by someone who looks a mental.

plain and simple.

The evil twat that started selling Spanish snail goo as a product has nuts the size of Julius Malema’s head (not brain..that is a different size altogether)
If any woman is happy to rub snail excretion on their face, then they are possibly the same women who enjoy the social pastime of bukakke.

i need to wash my hands with bleach if I touch one of these little beasties
The Japanese art of Bukakke

One day when I become King.  I will banish infomercial presents, producers and product buyers to the same section of the jails that houses the paedophiles and perverts.  Chances are it will be the same people anyway.


2 thoughts on “Time for a whinge…oh yes Verimark and Glomail. May your companies die in a fire

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