Long weekend ahead…what you up too?

I didn’t blog yesterday.  I was super busy getting my old computer backed up.  I finally have all my old phone numbers, business contacts etc. back in my filthy mitts.

Oh the joy.

I must admit to having had a cool couple of gigs.  I was at Stardust Theatrical Diner on Wednesday.  A really cool gig with Rob Van Vuuren, Mark Palmer, Shimmi Issacs, Anne Hirsch and Stuart Taylor.  I was on with Stuart and Rob again on Thursday night at Jou Ma’s se Comedy Club.  I seem to have found my sense of humour again and been really enjoying the stage time.  Last night went well enough that I am coming back next week to host.  Nice.

I’m off out to see Jack Parow tonight.  I’ve seen him before and had a cracking night.  Look forward to the gig at the Purple Turtle.  I will be drinking brandy is respectful admiration.

If you doing nothing on Monday.  I will be headlining Zula’s in Long Street.  Really looking forward to that.

Be fun. Be safe. Bee keeper

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