Just out of hospital. No joy. ANOTHER 4 WEEKS MINIMUM

Well that was fun.  Ive just got out of the outpatients at the New Somerset Hospital.  Ironically the only thing new there is the new strains of TB being cultivated by the dying there daily.

I was very much looking forward to getting my ex-fix removed.  Alas no.

Nothing wrong with my leg, just not ready to be removed as yet.  Im back in a month to see.  I guess there is no point in rushing it.  Just heal and deal.  Looks like im going to have a normal cast added to my leg after this thing is out.  So in some way or another..Im down with this shit for a good while still.

On the plus side. I just had a nice coffee and someone wants to buy my scooter.  That, and Die Antwoord on Friday.  I’ve been offered a gig on Friday night.  Bugger and piss…Now I never turn down work, but I want to see this gig more than I dream of Armageddon and all the people in the world being washed away into the cosmos.  What to do…what to do?

Right then…Zulas tonight, then Balkanology (free ticket or nothing), News Cafe tomorrow, Jokers on Wednesday, a movie casting, a radio interview and Jou Ma’s Se Comedy Club on Thursday.  Friday…that is DIE ANTWOORD.  gotta be.

The Ex-Fix, and the Tibia and Fibula...100 days in post accident.

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