Stand Up Comedy criticism in South Africa is a very good thing.

Comics are lazy.  its a fact.  The ones who aren’t lazy, are either hyper talented, or really boring people who insist on pushing their material and ideas on a live crowd.

The only thing lazier than comedians seems to be journalists who write about it.  There are a few reviewers for the mainstream press who it seems have an active hatred for Stand Up Comedy.  Why review it if you are so sick of it all.  There are some journalists, who have done what seems to be their utmost to give stand up a poor review.  And in certain cases.  this is well deserved.

ouch the truth….not all comics or shows are actually that funny…

Being impartial about something you like is either easy or dead difficult.
It all depends where you sit on the fence so to speak.  If you are a genuine fan, then its an ideal platform to write about it.  If you are somehow related to the industry, through either being a comic, or the girlfriend/boyfriend of a comedian then it becomes a bit more difficult to write with honest and objection without sounding like a bit of a doos.

There is a new comedy blog out there that is doing its best to review and comment on pretty much all the comics in the country. this is a good thing.

Even if I got what could only be described as a pretty shitty review.  Its not a bad thing.  It gets people thinking.  Maybe I need to write more, maybe I need to be funnier.  Maybe I need to be seen by the reviewer at least once since 2006.  Either way.  Its time to lift the comedy game.  acts who are hack and doing material way past its sell-by date need to have a wee think.  Those that have a bigger public profile may in turn have less fans or even more comedy fans than some of the more well known names.

I’m all for comedians being reviewed.  but its also the job of the public who watch comedy to add their input.  My only criticism of being reviewed is if folks do not add their name to the actual write up.  It smacks of the fact that their input is too closely related to comedy to be able to be impartial.  What it needs is this.

When was the act seen?

Where were they on the bill?

What club were they playing?

by adding that info, it gives the comic the chance to look back to the gig and relate to whether it was a fair or harsh review.

Stand up.  its a tough game.  But given the chance… I think im funnier today than I was in the past few years.  Somehow the broken leg, the months of doing nothing….well its added to my funny bank.  Go ahead…hit me with your thoughts…


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