Worst shoes in the world?

I just love the cheap shite that comes through my grandfathers letterbox.

I’m not sure if he gets it because he is a freemason, or perhaps its just that some companies are ruthless heartless arseholes who are happy to take the elderly for a ride.
When I was in Wales a few years ago, my Grandfather couldn’t believe that I didn’t own a pair of slippers.  This was bordering on Welsh heresy.
I suggested that I would pop into Carmarthen and purchase a pair at the market during the week.  Nope.  No need for that.  Why there was a mail order company that he tended to purchase his provisions from.  And they delivered.

So with a bit of trepidation I told him to go ahead and get me a pair of size 10’s.
What arrived was more plastic than Danny K’s pop tunes.  What upset me was the copy in the adverts.  cos the elderly believe what they see.  (when I say see, we are talking about using a magnifying glass and eye drops to keep the cataracts moist)

We Dare you to wear them out. No chance. The kids will mock me, best worn indoors when nobody is home either...the shame

I mean how bad is that advert.  We dare you to wear them out… Waterproof materrials……
I just love how most of the statements are actually questions rather than facts…
Worlds most comfortable shoe?


In essence it should just say.  Cheap Plastic shoe that looks shit and has a sole for sale.  Guaranteed for five years cos by then either your memory has gone or you have passed away.  Would you wear them out?  Not on your nelly.

Is this the worlds lightest shoe? no. it isnt. But it is shite

For sale.  Plastic shoe that will make you walk like a 20 year old?  Sweet Jesus when has that ever been a selling point on some foot apparel.


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