Cape Town for Haiti, a nice idea, but how about Cape Town for Cape Town? Charity begins at home…

I think its fantastic that there are musicians and artists prepared to give their time and energy to charitable causes.
Whilst I am more than aware of the devastation created in Haiti following their earthquake back, I have to think of this event as a sceptic with a local persuasion.

Whilst Haiti is in dire need of relief?  Have we not got our own set of problems so challenging as to not warrant permanent attention?

I still see an advert on television every night nearly asking me to donate to the Haiti victims fund.  As a sceptical man, I cannot see there being enough return on investment to warrant still running the adverts for that campaign.  Surely the costs of broadcasting an advert (unless they got some charity deal) is going to be higher than the returns of people donating.

People need help, and we have our own community of desperate people right on our own doorsteps needing this very same assistance.
Im not saying that we shouldn’t be a part of the world community and assist.  But there are bigger nations.  Nations that make their money from places like Haiti that should be stepping up to sort this out.

In the meantime, there is a fantastic night of music at the Baxter  on the 12th May.

Artists performing include Ross Learmonth [Prime Circle], Farryl Purkiss, Simon Van Gend, Jack Mantis, Gary Thomas, Tina Schouw, Ian Henderson,
Claire Phillips, Gavin Minter, Wendy Oldfield, Mark Fransman, Amanda Tiffin, Lionel Bastos, Mersey State, Flat Stanley and Paul Abro
Dont miss out on this special night, where great artists share their journeys and commitment to their art.

Tickets are R100 and R120 – available at Computicket


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