Tyra Banks attacks Nigella Lawson in brutal hot oil cat fight

Tyra Banks viciously poured hot oil across Nigella Lawson in a brutal pre-planned cat fight.  This all happened in front of a live studio audience.

The stunned studio audience panicked as their fight got out of hand. Tyra seemed to be in control of the fight, what with Nigella struggling to see.  A ground and pound technique was employed and Lawson was rocked early in the round.  Banks made the mistake of trying to do a rear-naked choke on Lawson and gassed quickly.  This gave Lawson the chance to get the mount position.  What appeared to be a nasty thumb in the eye from Banks and in the ensuing struggle, both women cracked their heads in an unfortunate head butt and were both knocked unconscious.  They were also both  promptly arrested by the studio security.  Both women needed medical attention for their wounds.  Both were not wearing make up.

That is what I dreamed.  It wasn’t a fantasy.  It was rather scary. I was in the audience. I could have been hurt, what with my bad leg.  Even in my dreams.
I quickly made a cup of tea then for no apparent reason, started licking honey out of the pot in a sort of slutty way.  Strange start to the day.

Created by Jim Henson before he died. Little did he know the damage this muppet would cause worldwide.Must be an all-bran muffin then, cause she makes me want to go poo-poo
Banks used her size difference on a somewhat emaciated Lawson.


3 thoughts on “Tyra Banks attacks Nigella Lawson in brutal hot oil cat fight

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