I say comedy, you immediately think of chocolates, cellular networks and insurance right?

I get asked a lot when my next gigs are?  Not saying that folks want to watch me, they may just be looking for a chance to avoid my performances.

Like I say.  Folks ask questions.  Call me old school, but I truly hate seeing comedy being branded and sold as an event.
“Hey Martin, you doing the Smirnoff?”  er dude…the smirnoff comedy event stopped running in 2003 I think…

Ok.  am I bitter?
of course…but im bitter about most things.

ok, am i naive?
fuck i hope not.

It was with the idea in mind that comedy needs to be handled professionally and by comedians for comedy that COMEDIA came about.

The idea that some of us are relying on big event promoters to tie us up with corporate names  for a comedy career is frankly insulting.

Friends see the line ups of these big comedy gigs and seem to not see the simple set up.  Money…and nasty profit.

WHY WATCH the same acts at the convention centre, hundreds of feet away in a building with thick ignorant sheep.  Thick ignorant sheep.  Hey fuck you buddy…you are insulting me there.

if you are one of the idiots out there that supports these large corporate comedy events….then a plague of gnats and flies on your testicles and fannies.


Really…there are club gigs everywhere…with the same acts…who are a lot funnier when up close and not costing the same as a meal for two and a taxi,.

Comedy Underground….R30

ok…so maybe you like a classier venue…what about the blues room…or something similar….same deal…maybe a bit more expensive…and there is food there.  rather than a bloody bowl of nuts and a drink voucher.  By all means continue to support larger comedy gigs and international performers when they are out.  But really.  Look at the bill.  Look at the line up.  Think to yourself in these times of economic hardship…should I spank twice the cost of a regular ticket for something fairly intimate, for the sterile environment of a massive theatre.  Yes im bitter that I haven’t made more money in the past few months…Being injured put paid to me performing.  But I struggle to undertand this economics of big event producers.

For example.  A corporate sponsor will be paying a large amount of money to make this event happen.  What they gives them, is press coverage, posters with their name on it, association with a “cool image” etc.  They pay this money to a promoter who uses his links with the press and media to give them maximum exposure.  This benefits two people.  The promoter and the advertiser.  The comedian, well they dont do as well as you would think out of it…but the ones who suffer most?  The public?

If they corporate advertisers are paying to much money towards the event.  Why are the tickets then twice to three times as expensive as a normal night out?  Where does the sponsorship money go? Where does the ticket sales money go?  I smell a rat here.  Fuck being ripped off people…If you have any interest in Stand Up Comedy.  Go watch it at the small venues putting it on every night and steer clear of corporate sponsored events.  I know of comics doing certain cell network providers gigs…and being BLACKLISTED from even owning a cell-phone….  Doing adverts for car companies and just having had their own car repossessed.  Its mental.

Ironically, I got into comedy so I wouldn’t have to work for Blue Chip companies in the first place….sigh…


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