The idea of Patricia Lewis naked disturbs the sleeping spirit of Bles Bridges. Let him lie in peace I say..

Did Patricia Lewis ever do regrettable porn?I hope not. It is just the kind of thing we just don’t need in this country.
Thankfully she has managed to keep most of her clothes on most of the time.In an entirely tasteful way.  Shame really as the sight of her nude wouldn’t be nearly as unpleasant as her music.  Obviously from a distance.  Say about a click..Not sure how far a click actually is…But in war movies it seems fairly far.

Strange really but there never seems to be any sex skandaal’s from the treffer ladies.  It seems its mostly the men who are stirring the kak so to speak.
There was much drama at this years KKNK fees.  Dozi insulting people with racial slurs, drunkenness from certain acts, and Wynand “Windpomp” Burger being accused of rape.

I watch 7de Laan.  I have never seen an episode like this.


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