AVG anti-virus, oh how you have failed me!

Right then.  So I own a laptop.  it’s of the windows persuasion..

You know what.   I would love to own a mac, but what puts me off ever buying one is the same old chestnut.

Most Mac owners are total cunts.  There.  I said it.
Granted if you are involved in graphics or anything that does rely on high level work..then you are excluded.  But if you are reading this blog on your mac, sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a latte’ and feeling self important…then  I mean you.

You cunt.

The reason is pretty simple.  I have been using Microsoft for years.  I have owned several laptops in my time, and on the whole I would have to say that the experience isn’t that negative.  Sure they have broken.  Sure they were not all the design masterpieces of the mac…but then… I havent needed one.

As soon as I let it be known that my laptop had a virus, I could just hear the immediate excitement bursting forth from the apple community…oooh ooooh martin…YOU JUST HAVE TO GET A MAC..

Fuck you!

Life is a journey of joys and disappointments.  Put into context, I have grown familiar and almost certain of things breaking.  Be it my body (my legs is still smashed to fuck) or be it cars, homes, relationships etc.

Nothing lasts forever.  And expense is no sign of quality. Example being, my friends recently spent R1500 a ticket for a meal with Gordon Ramsey.  It was shite.  That evening, I had a butter chicken curry from eastern bazaar.  It cost me R30 and it was awesome.

This brings me back to the mac question.  Should i own one?  Should i even care?  Ok.  So my netbook cost me a grand total of R3500.  Its cute, its sleek, its bloody tiny, and it does everything that I need.  This being South Africa, I can afford to have a netbook that is perhaps stolen, broken, lost, or just plain missing at that kind of money.  If I went out with an entry-level mac and it was damaged or nicked….i would be utterly buggered.

With that in mind.  I have recently heard nothing but woe’s from my mac owning friends.  Recently my mate’s big G4 mac (is that its name) stopped functioning.  It was a power issue.  Could it be fixed?  No.  Spill a coffee on your mac…go on…what happens?  hmmm thought so.  It breaks too.

You smug fuckers!

My mate came round to my place the other day.  Using nothing but a swiss army knife, he rebuilt an old desktop and made an old laptop into a linux media centre.  Could you do this with a mac?  why would you?

So with the 15 000 rands (plus minus) that I have saved with not owning a mac, I have been able to do a whole bunch of other things in life.  To some folks it may not be a financial issue, but I get more done with my laptop (or did till it died) that most self serving mac wankers do.

Dont take it personally.  I have wasted money on things you may not have.  But with my 15 grand in savings… I may just go and drop some cash at Mavericks or Teasers, buy a media drive on the way out, a big bag of skunk, a nice sleeping bag, some tickets to Die Antwoord and still wonder what to do with the next 10k.

There.  I have said it.  Do not feel too bad.  If you have a mac, essentially I am jealous.  But after reading this, you probably feel like a bit of a twat.  So do I.  Hence why im off to Mavericks.



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