I can for like the Mighty Bush and Flight of the Barchords and I luff Shakira´s lekker new world cup treffer.

Can for like komedy?  Can for like kak musiek
Then do yourself a favour.  Dont watch Leon Schuster.  Really.  Just skip it.  And while you are at it…Steer clear of the Shakira world cup tune  Fifa approved?  What a sign of bollocks that is..

A few years ago,  I took the bus to Port Elizabeth.  On board the bus they showed a video.  Good.  That should pass the time.

Sadly it was a Leon Schuster film.  It was the most racist bloody thing I had witnessed in years.  Granted I had been living in the UK for ten years.   I looked around the bus.  I think I was possibly the only white person on it.  Yet everyone on the bus was in stitches at this most basic of comedies.

Yesterday I read a comment on facebook.  Someone asked about the new Shakira world cup song.  The question was….Is the song any good?  My response was that it was shite.  It is my opinion.  But that is what i think of this bloody waka waka whatever.  The response from one person was, ¨I was in Stellenbosch the other night at a club, and folks from all races were loving it, and dancing to it…”

I answered that people enjoying something is no measure of style, class, taste or quality.   Like I said.  Leon Shuster has sold more tickets at the cinema than any other performer or film in this country.  He has jumped on the world cup bandwagon and released a movie for the event.  I dont even want to mention its name.  But it looks more shit than Bafana Bafana.  Really!

He has created an enviroment where it is considered amusing to stereotype other cultures in a negative way.  Nothing wrong with “blacking up” in Leon´s world.  It has in turn changed the way advertising is done in South Africa too.  Just watch the appaling adverts for Outsurance and the bloody Deloris character played by some white guy called Ashley.  It´s racist, its sexist, its rubbish….and by God its popular.

Taste…it cannot be bought…but someone should be responsible for dishing it out.


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