Im so tired of stupid bloody questions….

I can hardly be accused of not enjoying a conversation.
The leg for all its negative impacts has introduced me to more people than I have ever met in my life.

Utter strangers somehow feel no issue with coming up and asking me what happened.  Whilst im pretty much happy to answer and engage in conversation with most folk.  There are questions that are personal.  There have been questions so stupid that my inner need to be sarcastic has to be holstered and tethered.  No matter how inquisitive I am regarding other people.  I dont think there is a single occasion in my life where I have stopped a stranger and quizzed them regarding their physical issus.  Scuse´me sir.  Why is your arm missing.  Thats a really bad burn dude, where else is it?  What happened to your face? Just today alone, I must have had at least a minimum of 30 people utter the more stupid of questions.  It happens every day. 

¨Did it hurt dude?¨  
Ïs it sore?¨

 I grow a little bloody weary of it.

I had a busy day wandering around shopping centres, sorting out a few issues.  I cancelled a contract here, opened one there.  Just by downgrading my mobile phone contract I saved over R5000 a year.  Mental waste of money.  My bank charges last year was in the several bloody thousands.  What the Hell is all that about.

My morning was started with a rousing 6:30am rise.  I was at the Somerset Hosptital this morning for a montly check up on my leg.  I have been second guessing the Doctors every bloody time I go there. 

Will they be removing it this time??
Everytime I have been wrong….12 weeks healing time?  My arse..

When I was in hospital, the one young intern/newbie doctor said that I was looking at approximately 12 weeks healing time with the ex-fix in my leg. Major life lesson so far.  Do not take anyone´s word as the final say.  Ever.  Unless you are a bit thick and genereally , incapable of ration thought.  If I listened to the specialists that impace my daily life, from film and media through to bloody surgeons and mechanics etc, I think I would have been seriously screwed all my life.  Its hard to trust specialts when everyone has a different story, opinon belief etc. 

Today was the start of the 19th week of recovery.  That is a long time.  Thats like three years in a dogs life.
The Doctors said I had at least another month to go.  Im not really phased about it.  I would much prefer if it was out, Im in no rush, its simple removal doesnt mean its fixed.  I want them certain, not rushing to get it out.  They did however loosen up some of the bolts.  This now means I am walking with considerably more pressure on the tibia than before. 

Once it comes out, Im still going to have to deal with some other issues.  Like the four bloody holes that will be going from my bone through the skin.  The pins will be removed, which will create a  series of stress points where it will be easy to fracture the leg.  Hmm.  So the chances are I will be in an old fashioned plaster of paris cast…Unless I get one of those fancy moon boots made up for me.

I kinda felt strange in the hospital today.  There was nobody in the Ortopaedic ward with an Ex-fix.  At one point I could see it scared a young girl who had just recently broken her leg.  I chatted with her and told it that it wasn´t sore and that she will be fine soon too.  My X-rays showed that my leg was healing up quite nicely.  But seeing the extent of the shattering kinda surprised me.  Its only as its healing up can I really see what kind of mess it is.  Its a mess.  But sweet jesus….you just watch me.  I will be fine and sorted all in good time.
Either way.  Its not going anywhere for a wee while still.  The healing is going ahead fine. thought.  I just look forward to a  cracking nights sleep without hooking it on the bedding on mattress.

Im bloody ready for it.  The only problem is that I was really looking forward to a World Cup where I wasnt in this thing.  I will be, and for the Grahamstown Festival, And For Opskop.  It also impacts when I can go on tour.  I was hoping to be In Joburg but will not have to be back for the next appointment.  Bugger

In the meantime, I think I can more than handle doing the stand up comedy.  Its not that taxing on the leg.  It is however hurting the liver.

Im closing tonight at Zulas in Long Street with Tshepo Mogale hosting.  On Friday I will be at the Cape Farmhouse in Scarbourgh with Rob Van Vuuren who is just back from a couple of weeks molesting the plants and animals of the Serengeti.  Should be a hoot.

2 thoughts on “Im so tired of stupid bloody questions….

  1. When was it eventually removed. I had mine put in on 28 September 2012, at Somerset, had a follow up appointment on 22 October. My next appointment is 21 January. No follow ups inbetween (Holidays too important I assume). My physio wasn’t happy with my leg and arranged with the local (brilliant) othoped to go and see him at a rate less than my GP charges. As a result and some x-rays later I am having the ex-fix removed privately as I believe the danger of leaving it in for more than 3 months is infection and the possibility of losing a leg. I am very relieved that it is coming off.


    1. I had my ex-fix in for 7 months. I was concerned too about infection. But there was a need for the bones to have healed up and knitted sufficiently. The guy with similar injuries to me. (He was 55 and a smoker) had no bone growth and was looking at, at least a year before they would have probably amputated. I only received physio after the removal and only once. My leg wasn’t too bad at all. Little atrophy. Just lots of nerve damage. It will be 3 years in jan since the accident. I’m much better. Kicked a football around recently. I am probably a by overly cautious with it. But better than being foolish I guess

      Good luck with it. Removal was 100% painless. Just a bit nervy. You will be fine.



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