Free Polony and Parlotones CD’s for life.

All you have to do is never eat any other meat product again, or buy or listen to any other musical acts….I will give you free polony and parlotones cd’s for life.

If I was approched by a company that offered me free stuff.  I would be keen.  I think.  But there are limitations.  For example.  IF the Parlotones are involved with KFC and gigabyte and Pick’n’Pay.  I take it then that they are not allowed to be associated with Apple Mac, Woolworths or any other restuarant for that matter?

That must suck more than gettiing free stuff.

If someone offfered me something for life.  It would be tough to say no..but even tougher to say yes.

I have a bunch of friends that are sponsored in some way to mention brands at every oppertunity.  Whether its being seen with a certain type of drink, or having coffee at a particular place.  Whilst it must be great to get paid in product or physical cash….it kind of sucks dog cock reading the same sycophantic responses about something that just feels cheap.

When I hear of a certain celeb endorsing a product…I often find that i am further removed from the brand than endeared to it.

I have nothing against business making money out of endoresments…But I find it really boring.  Take some of the successful blogs out there.  Littered with info on brands that the writer will exclusively use.  Elitism is so very last year.
In a perfect world, I would use my own money to make my own choices.

But first, Im off to have a vida coffee, followed by a power-wank at a FIFA approved brothel, driven there in a Rikki’s taxi.   Whilst watching the Parlotones latest video on an Apple Ipad wearing my Adidas underpants soiled in KFC farts

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