ETV and all its nasty cell phone rip off ads. I smell a big smelly jobby here.

I notice that the adverts and game shows on ETV are of the cheapest quality known to video production, taste or neccesity.

Being a private commerical channel.  I wonder what they do with the ad time they just cannot sell.  The times when they send out their own business agenda to cash in on the vulnerable.  I have watched these shows broadcast in the UK where the watchdogs were brought in for the sheer randomness of the possible answers.  I have still no clear idea of what it is you have to do to get on air.

Then there is the porn.  Sweet lordie the adverts are shamefull.  Im no prude but I object to the woman climaxing in 5.1. audio at a level where the neighbours must think I have a fat wankathon on. The ads are always a good 33% louder than the Bud Spencer film you were just watching.  The ads are harder than anything you ever see on bloody television.

Are these companies actually owned by ETV.  Who is actually using these services, and what kind of money is being paid to run these commericials?


Im quite sure that the only way ETV can afford to broadcast those kak infomercials must mean that the company has some shares in the sales of that shite.

The shows are cast internationally and shot somewhere like Croatia where shows for around the world are filmed and sent out.  aah the downside of things like skype….and tax laws.

The one lady doing it at the moment is very talented and doing nothing.  She argues with the mystery producer.  She is on our team folks.  She is there to give us the money.

Now today ~I see its the Diski Download.  brought to us by SABC’s flagship programs like Isidingo.

Damn.  We are being fed some utter shit folks.

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