I think the next think Die Antwoord should do it commit a  proper crime. Get some credentials for the prison tattoo’s.  This is their chance.  Use this world cup for good.

Why not kidnap Shakira.  Get the Colombians to pay a ransom for her.  Job done.  She is kept quiet, and you make some money out of it.

Watching them on Saturday it was evident that they are going to have to leave these shores to taste proper success.  South African crowds have a tendency to sort of mooch about and not get properly excited.  Shame shame really.

As much as i enjoyed the show. I would like to have seen Jack Parow on stage with them.  In essence, all their tunes are collaborations.  I just love when there is a whole bunch of them rapping rather, than just Ninja filling in all the gaps.

Whilst they got their attention world-wide through the internet, they may have to do something to keep folks attention on them.  Killing or kidnapping shakira could be the ideal start.

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