Die Antwoord bloody rocked it. The Cape Town audience were kak though.

I got to see Die Antwoord on Saturday night.

I had to drive in from Robertson where I was performing at the Opskop event.  Myself and the other comics darted back into Cape Town, met up with my friend and managed to walk into the venue, drinks in hand as the first track was kicking off.

I had another cool experience a wee while back.  I was at a screening of District 9 with cast and crew and I saw the same thing there too.  Why is it that South African audiences show such terrible apathy at something they should be loving.

Whilst Yolandi (who is soo sexy by the way) and Ninja gave it their all and destroyed the place, the audience looked like they couldn’t have cared less.  There was no vibe.  On the downside, the venue was so strange and bleak.  You could park two of the Hindenburg’s in there.  The sound just wasnt big enough either, and the lack of visuals was a big disappointment.

I’m pretty certain that Poe$ Groot World Tour is going to be bigger than anything the Parlotones could dream of.  Still think i got to see something special though.  Go and see this.  You will bloody love it.

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