Opskop Wine Weekend, with some Langebaan on the Friday.

What a weekend its been.  Comics and muso’s scattering and scuttling about the cape to get to gigs.

Melt Sieberhagen and Hannes Brummer drove down from Joburg for a couple of gigs this weekend.  Friday we were down in Langebaan and had a absolutely wonderful gig down there.  Started badly when I realised just outside of town that I had forgotten the mic in my car boot.  Bugger.  But it went down very well there.  We shot off back to Cape Town , then made our way out to Robertson wtih the guys as well as Dugald Pieterse.  We made it there in time to catch up with Rob Van Vuuren who was mc’ing the event. We caught the end of the rugby with the Springboks narrowly beating the Welsh…  Then we hit the stage to a good couple of hundred folks.  It went down really well.  We got off stage, had a glass of wine and a chat with the acts.  Arno Carstens took a pic and tweeted it of my leg….ho haa.  But I wasnt drinking as I had to us back into town in time for Die Antwoord at the 3Arts Centre.

Ive got a bit of a beef with South African audiences on the whole.  Right across the board we tend to show a really poor understanding of whats good or bad or needing attention or needing ignored.

We support some of the worst made South African films.  We make millionaires out of treffer supersterre, we are not particulalry fussy when it comes to er, being fussy.

Die Antwoord went out there and tore it a new one.  As an act, they have it down.  They have a billion tons of charisma and appeal.  Ninja must be nine foot tall.  His pieldance is bloody hilarious and he moves his frame about the stage like an alien.  Genius.    What can I say of Yolandi Vi$$er, Oh my god I am in love with her.  She oozes sex appeal on the stage.  Her timing was spot on and she just rocked.  Proper international superstars here.

But the Cape Town audience didn’t come to the party.  Looking around the massive 3 Arts centre, I thought that the place looked kak.  The sound was  weak and needed a good bit more behind it.  The crowd was white.  Like the massive majority white.  A too cool for school audience was there to support.  But they were not behind it.  They were not rising up to the moment.  They were like.  Cool, whatever.

I felt disappointed that the roof wasnt ripped off.  There was nothing stopping that being a defining moment in Cape Town’s music history.  They will not go off and tour the world and get ten times the welcome wherever they go.  Shame South Africa.  Our taste and reactions suck.

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