Shakira’s “This time for Africa”,may as well be for an advert for club med holiday on one of the Carribean Islands.

But by jingo this is getting exciting.

The world cup is just days away.  At last nights gig at Zulas, it was a very foreign audience.  Great to see just how many different nationalities were in.  Granted they were a fairly miserable bunch.  But if the weather continues like this, the biggest fear most tourists will have for their safety is the weather.

Folks are going to die of hypothermia in this shit.  It must have rained a good 40mm of rain this past day or two.  I know this, since my car leaks.  When I say leak, it’s almost as if the water demons felt they could do whatever they wanted.  They did.  From some mystery location that has baffled mechanics, amateurs and fathers, nobody can locate this leak.

But there is nothing more enjoyable than having the chance to lift your car carpeting up to beginning the process of mopping up with a sponge, the best part of 8 litres of water.  I shit thee not.

I hate my car.  I hate my scooter.

I do very much look forward to a change of transport, and that bloody camera ive been craving.  Stock not in, going to go and check up.  Waka Waka, Can you feel it?  Its called being unprepared.

fraap fraap

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