Diski Dance, Vuvuzela’s and that shit from Shakira. Our eyes and ears are already beaten :-)

My goal is to get people to shit their rods from a vuvuzela blast.
I feel it is about the most productive thing it can do.

Would be hilarious…..FRRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPPPppppppppppppp………  POOOOOOEP.

I’m almost immune now.  I can handle the trumpeting calls of the vuvuzelas.  Granted there has been an absolute deluge of shite to deal with.  Im not saying South Africa could be expected to do anything different to drive up support and pride.

The Diski dance is a disaster.  Its like Line Dancing for people with MS.  Granted I cannot do it for various reasons.  I would like to suggest its the broken leg, but in truth..There is just way to much to learn.  Too many moves and too much embarrassment.  There is however, no dance I perform at will.  I suck.

Our eyes and ears may have taken a beating so far with the build up.  But fortunately Im keeping mine fresh for the footie.

Come on England.  But Bafana Bafana all the way.

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