Vuvuzela’s blown outside of Somerset Hospital (right next door to the Cape Town Stadium)

When I had my accident back in January.  I was in hospital for a couple of weeks down at the Waterfront.  It was a strange place to be, in essence the hospital is right next to the sea, and just a  stones throw away from the Cape Town Stadium.

I wasnt in hospital because I fancied a few days rest.  I was badly injured after my scooter accident and needed medical help and rest.  Not trying to be difficult, but the location of a hospital and a football stadium so close to each other isn’t such a brilliant idea.

I had come out of surgery and just needed to rest.  It was the first official game in the stadium that weekend.  I lay there in my bed unable to move and could hear the blasts and roars from the vuvuzela’s for hours.  There were people there in a worse state that I was.  I hadn’t thought that there would have been such an issue.  I have to admit thought that I was drained and ill and it was a very tough couple of hours dealing with all that noise.

As a tool for the stadium or the streets.  The vuvuzela makes everyone instantly feel like they are part of the clan.  Its loud rasping farty tune gives out a baffling and unsettling roar that fills the streets.  Its blown in offices, restaurants, supermarkets etc.  But what about a vuvuzela free zone.

There needs to be a place of peace.  Somewhere to just sit and relax and take things in, without hearing being damaged and pants heavily shat.

Show as much spirit as you need, just do it when its appropriate and fair.  Not at 5am outside the Hospice.

Last night in Long Street, it was a tool that brought the world cup together.

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