Advanced Hair Studio is the work of genius

I love these adverts.  I used to watch the infomercials in the UK as well as here in SA and just giggle with glee.

Whilst going bald must suck. (im losing a bit too), it cannot surely be anything as bad as being mocked and associated with wigs and toupee’s etc.
Advanced Hair Studio has for a long time associated themselves with the cricketing fraternity.  God knows how much money they pay the guys….and good for them.  but sheesh.  the mocking and do they cope?

They have a new client.  Probably one of the finest cricketers ever.  And a local man.  When Jacques Kallis went out to bat in the first innings of the Indian Test Match at Centurion.  Everyone was watching.  We all wanted him to lift his hat off when he hit a 50.  We watched with baited breath at 99, again at 149, and finally when we got to see him hit his first double century.  Whilst he is a player of genius, I cannot fathom why he would do this hair advert.



Who thought cricketers had this kind of sense of humour.  good on ’em

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