Joke Thieves are the scourge of stand up comedy. May they rot in hell…(video examples)

I get really upset when I see an act come on stage and do a bit of material that I recognise from another comedian or from a generic list off the old internet.

Being a hack is more than just abusing someone else’s idea. It insults the audience and even more annoying to me, is how it insults the other performers.

I would rather watch an act essentially struggle with original material than ever watch a known hack go about his business by doing someone else’s business. I have had my run in’s with several performers before. I have confronted acts who stole jokes.
It breaks my heart. But in this day and age. The concept of joke theft should be harder and harder to achieve.

Certain local acts are shameless doing it. Some have created whole careers off the back of others.
I found a few of these clips and thought I would add them to my blog for you to see what I mean.
It really does break me.

To the new comics who may read this….Don’t do it. We know. Trust me. I have seen or heard a great deal of jokes and styles of humour. You are fooling nobody. Just changing a city, a race, a name, a sport does not make it your joke.

To the old comics who do this and may read this post. Fuck you.

end rant…

Dane Cook vs the far superior Louis CK

a new guy gets caught out in Australia on a talent show…

Finally…Stewart Lee goes as far as writing a joke he knows that Joe Pasquale couldn’t steal…

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