I think one of the most embarrasing things on this planet, must be having to drive around town with your name on your car. Showing the world what it is you do. I have always been weary of anything used to “sell yourself”

Granted it could be a fairly affordable way of making sure the people out there, “know who you are” but what are they really saying about you. I wonder just how many people would book an act based on having seen them in the traffic. Considering how I have driven in the past. I would probably do more to damage a brand than I would to attract business.

Still…Maybe I am being the arse here. But when I see a self-branded vehicle…I giggle like im ten years old and somejust farted whilst saying the word penis.

Here are some local example I have seen and or photographed. IF you find any more…please do send them to me.

2 thoughts on “Entertainers who brand their cars. oooh how they do make me laugh……

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