why do clowns, magicians and hypnotists give me the willies?

I have a pathalogical fear of childrens entertainers, clowns, hypnotists, and other such ilk. I have tried over the years to get over this fear that I have..Yet more and more I find myself coming across images and video’s such as this.

Im not saying that people who do this supposed entertainment are bad people. I JUST THINK they are.
Where this thought comes from? Well I do not know. I think it may be related to personal experiences and seeing this kind of stuff on the net..

Why would any adult want to be an children’s entertainer? I would need a police escort to trust any man who wished to work with kids. I have never seen or met this man. But it just seems creepy. Very very creepy to me.

Here is a postcard of my fear doubled into one big ball of panic. A clown/magician hybrid. pants are now utterly soiled.

Do they perhaps work for kids for other reasons? is it perhaps that their sense of taste hasn’t developed as yet? Perhaps kids will watch shit performances quite happily.

Scared yet?
Maybe this will help…..images of clowns….they help me lose weight as I foul my pants repeatedly with each image..

Magicians creep me out too..

As do Hypnotists. Possibly more than them all combined..

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