The great chicken holocaust with a secret blend of herbs, spices & apartheid collusion.

I like to eat my KFC naked whilst watching #TopBilling.

I run my greasy fingers through my sub-par chest hair or thighs. The hair holds on to the small crystals of fried bread crumb. Leaving me lubed, yet crumbless.

Later if the dogs have behaved themselves, I let them lick the remnants off as a once in a lifetime treat. God bless KFC.

I mean how many other fast food establishments were prepared to hang around South Africa during apartheid. Exactly. KFC are here for the long
haul. I mean why let some human rights stand in the way of the great chicken holocaust.

I have tried to make this heavenly treat at home. But dammit the secret blend of herbs and spices is a total secret.

Could it be any of the following?

Ooh ooh. I’m actually rushing thinking of salt, fat, MSG and bird suffering. Can chicken get YOU erect too? Just me? Damn.


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