Im trying to move to Joburg, but what really is home?

I have been on the road now for a couple of weeks. I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life.
I am not trying to romanticise the concept of essentially being homeless whilst persuing a career of gigs around the country.
But in terms of how much fun and enjoyment I am getting out of doing stand up right now. Well. It must be working.

I just made an offer on a tiny studio flat in Cape Town. My plan was to move to Johannesburg for a bit. As much as I am loving it up in Jozi and finding lots of work, I have a few projects that are pulling me back to Cape Town for the next few months.

The National Arts Festival was a tremendous success in some ways. Financially the costs of producing shows in South Africa are as high as anywhere else these days. Making money is essential. Not just a little bit. But lots. Life is bloody costly.
The opportunity has come through for me to look at taking my shows overseas. Considering what it costs to be here and the potential reward. I think it has come time for me to start looking overseas again.

This year, I won the “Standard Bank Ovation Award for Comedy” for the second year running. It has given me a chance to get involved with the World Fringe Alliance and look at taking the show to Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festivals in 2013. I think this is the route for me to go. Right now as I type this, Dave Levinsohn is out doing his thing at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of a proper sponsored event. We can only go forward from here. Fingers crossed. All that kind of stuff. For now though, it is about finding sponsorships to fund “Pants on Fire” to take it to a bigger audience without Rob and I going broke doing it.

After a month or so of gigs and a super secret project that I cannot talk about yet. I will be doing a three week run of “Martin Evans and the FBPK” at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Maybe after that I can move up north again. But then it is the shooting season for Commercials in Cape Town and I do quite a bit of work there. Either way. The world is opening up to me. Im just going to see where it takes me for now. Hopefully as far and wide as possible. I’m a lucky man.

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