One thing comics do like no others, is drive about and bitch to each other of all the ill’s and woe’s of this comedy industry.
From what acts we like through to whose’ girlfriend slept with who. It can be facinating and all too ego fuelled at the same time.

I started listening to Marc Maron’s podcast about six months ago. I think his voice, intellect and understanding of the industry qualifies him beautifully to hold and host these talks with other comics. I think I found a great deal of comfort listening to the words of the other comics. Honest and beautiful stuff. Stories of people’s lives that I have never heard another person draw out of conversation. Too the comics out there. Listen to these words. They really are significant and usefull to your career and development. To everyone else. It gives an honest open account of what life is like as an entertainer. Not always pretty, but always beautiful.

One thought on “A word of advice for South African Comics. Do yourself a favour & listen to @marcmaron podcast #WTF

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