Stuck in Durban. No, stuck sounds negative. I am currently “weather inconvenienced” due to road closures.

People really go proper mental when the weather turns in South Africa.

I awoke this morning to news that the country in blanketed in snow and many of the roads are closed.

When we immigrated in 1981, we got stuck in a big snowstorm in Johannesburg.
First time it had snowed in like 21 years. Since then I have seen snow fall on like 4 occasions. Not exactly an expert in the stuff.

The last time I was in significant snow, I lasted about ten minutes before I had cracked a bunch of ribs on my left side after trying to Snowboard for the first time. I was shit. Although I did pull off a complete mc twist with a three quarter pike before eating the white stuff. Sadly I had no intention of trying that trick. It was more the result of a hangover and a sudden edge of the board sending my flying. Ouch to the ouch ouch.

But here I sit in a rainy cold Durban. Rainy and cold is a lot better than “Frozen and snowed in”. The problem lies in where I need to be. I had a lovely gig in Durban at the Suncoast Casino last night in the Havana Bar & Grill. The Graca comedy final was on and deservedly won by a hilarious set from Dusty Rich. Im due to fly to Port Elizabeth on Friday for a show at the Casino there. But the roads. The roads are closed. The passes from Durban near Pietermaritzburg are shut. I am stuck in Durban.

Stuck sounds shitty. I have had a really good time here. The people here are super friendly. Love their comedy and know how to treat me very well. It has been a great week and I got a lot done. Tonight there is a big gig at the Wavehouse. Ex-SA band Seether are there along with a couple of great SA-SA bands. Taxi Violence and the City Bowl Mizers. Think I found what I will be doing tonight then. Unless I end up eating my body weight in quality chow at Spiga.

This could be worse.

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