#Moonlightmass was the most fun. See you at the next full moon?

I have been feely rather poorly for a week or two now. Thought a dose of man-flu was in the post. Seems I managed to skip it. So I spent a quiet nine days allowing myself some healthy food and avoiding alcohol. Plus I gave my diet a bit of a shake up.

I say diet. But really. Me. Diet. Nah-ah. My food intake isn’t great. It is a history of poor choices or substandard wikipedia ability to work out the nutritional content of my food, but to be honest. I have been touring for best part of a year. Im rarely home. I either do not have the facilities to cook on the road, or im just too bloody lazy. Besides, I equate food with social occasion too. I like to eat out.

Eating out at 6pm Is no bother. Eating out after a gig at 11pm onwards is. Have you ever wanted to eat some nice and clean and healthy and later found that all there is to consume at the petrol station is a 2 day old coconut koeksister that they had to microwave to get the grease proof paper to peel off it. That folks, is my diet in a nutshell. I can’t eat before a gig, it just doesn’t sit well. Ah well. Im moving away from the point. Im wanting to eat a lot more vegetables. How many more you may be asking. (You are asking aren’t you?)

Lots more Veggies.

Am I going vegetarian. Um. Er, I kind of want to.

I want to be fit and healthy again. Ive packed on a layer of Arctic man-fat that could see me last longer in the water than a polar bear. I want to be fit. So I also bought a bicycle. But in some vainglorious attempt at social acceptance for my needy soul, I bought a fancy folding bike.

Cape Town is a bitch of a city when it comes to hills. For every downhill that leaves your pants shat brown with fear, you have the unavoidable climb to deal with afterwards. I have thrown clothes away after a ride up that poxy hill. So being a smart arse. I thought a folding bike would be just the business.. I can cycle down at speeds faster than a startled show pony bolting for freedom. Up? I can get a taxi or a lift and very soon, I can get the Myciti bus. A bus so fancy schmancy you will feel like you are in Barcelona. Ok. If it gets me up the hill for like R5, then lets do this. But sadly it doest run yet. Not least in my hood. But patience. I just need a little patience.

My dreams of Cape Town being this cycling utopia were a little dashed.

But it kind of brings me back to this silly little diet change. I want to ride the bike more. I am getting so much more exercise than I am normally used to. I am eating well, I am limiting my drinking.

So change of diet, change of transport, change of outlook?

Yes? Hope so..

So I went out and did the Moonlight Mass the other night. Every full moon, the Cape Town cycling community meets up at the Green Point Stadium and goes on a cheeky wee escorted trip along the beachfront and back into town.

I used to do the Critical Mass rides in London as often as I could. Those were mammoth events with thousands and thousands of riders. This was a more restrained affair. But what fun. I mean really fun.

Ended up at a bar in Greenpoint later in the night. Cycling drunk is not a suggested sport for those of you looking for some adrenaline kicks. But it sure does beat driving a car.

So my healthy agenda of getting some cycling in was achieved. But then I basically got drunk. So it sort of cancelled out the benefits.

I may not be fitter today. But i’m smiling more than I was before I left.


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