Blackface is alive and er, um, well in South Africa.

I wrote about this years ago.
Blackface. Jesus wept. 2014 and this is still the level of emotional and mental understanding that the average South African continues to have.

Just recently, a couple of Pretoria Students decided to attend a 21st birthday in Blackface. Now whilst this is wrong.  I have to ask a few questions here. Why vilify the two girls in question when we have a nation that endorses this kind of behaviour wholeheartedly with performers like Leon Schuster, nor forgetting the television informercials, that show every single day for Outsurance.

I know that these girls need to be taught that this is wrong. But how can we preach at a few individuals when we have our national broadcaster happy to throw this kind of shit out there.
Right now I know there are several people trawling through their old Facebook photos in a desperate attempt to hide their own previous attempts at #blackface.  God knows I have seen several of you do it before.  I could name a few of you just as guilty as these young girls from Pretoria University.

Do you think it is funny or clever now?
No.  That is the answer.  Now learn it and move on.



One thought on “Blackface is alive and er, um, well in South Africa.

  1. You make some very good points – in this post and in your previous one. I suppose this is a perfect example of racism institutionalised; it’s the culture that’s racist, not necessarily the people. And if anything is going to change about that, ‘white’ South African culture is going to have to intentionally be more aware and sensitive about these issues.


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