Best Restaurants in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a food city.
Whilst everyone has a differing opinion on the Cape about something or another. Pretty much everyone agrees that the quality of food in this city is outstanding.

I eat out a lot. I guess you could say almost vulgarly. But there is always a new place to try, a new style of food being offered or a brand new establishment popping up.

I am going to compile a list of my favourite restaurants over time.

Perhaps you could add a few of your suggestions down here.
I rarely get enthusiastic about a place because there is a bit of vibe about it. Too many of the successful restaurants here are only popular because a select crowd chooses to validate them. What interests me most is the smaller less well known establishments that just do food right.

I like cold draught beer, hearty portions and quality service.

Hit me up with your suggestions…
(The featured image is of a Full House Masala Gatsby… is by no means fine dining.)

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