Wearing the (hell)pants #STOPTHENONSENSE #GOODDEED

Its time to stop the nonsense.

When I was a kid, life was pretty simple when it came to food.

For lunch you got a polony sandwich, and if you were particularly well behaved a chicken and mushroom pie. Mostly around your birthday.

My friends kids today speak of having a deconstructed mac and cheese for lunch, washed down with organic juice from pears picked at moonlight on a farm that employees fair trade policies.

When I was a lighty, a tablespoon of sugar was considered luxury.  Today’s kids know no limit to their food extravagance.  This nonsense must stop.

I have this fear that our kids will grow up spoiled for choice and quality.

I think I went out to dinner with my family when I was a kid in the 80’s, perhaps four times a year.  Im guessing four times because there were four of us, and that meant four birthdays. Food was a simple affair. It involved a branded steak house and a burger with cheese and possible mushroom sauce if you were fancy.

Today I hear of toddlers refusing to eat anything other than particular restaurant sushi. I say particular because they will turn their little spoiled snouts up at the budget stuff.  I am not saying that the rise of quality food is a bad thing. But the race to keep little Johnny happy with his portions is out of control.  It is time to stop the nonsense.

It is time we institute some level of reality. Whilst we eat like kings, its time the kids knew the truth.

We already have Movember. Let us get the kids on an initiative. Can we not insist on a month where children are forced to eat emulsified meat products (ok I get it that there are vegetarians out there too) but for the month of May. I say we get the kids to eat Polony again. Reminiscent of the days when polony knew not social barriers. When polony was a tasty treat, not a reason for a food revolt at home.

Do it parents. The children need you to step forward.
Say no to the Salmon Rose and yes to the Polony Rose.

I know you can do it.
Stop the nonsense.

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