Smurfette is just a prison bitch “Wyfie” in the numbers gang system.


Did you get the Pollock family come to your school when you were a kid to preach about Jesus to you?.. Yes the same ones, who, whilst playing cricket like demons, came to our schools when we were kids to talk to us about demons.

What demons…..The Cartoon Demons of the 80’s

I recall having Peter Pollock, father of Shaun, the “ginger ninja” and the selector of the South African cricket team, actually interrupt our childhood education with this twaddle.  Masters of the Universe, Ninja Turtles that kind of thing.  What a wally.

You see the smurf’s were demons….What kind of demons you may ask.  Well it was the 80’s, and there wasn’t quite the range of cartoons out there for kids at the time in South Africa… So it was mostly gentle kindly things like the Smurfs they picked on.  What was wrong with the smurf’s you may well…

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