Gentlemen. Being fingered in the arse could save you!

I DO NOT HAVE CANCER.  Please, this isn’t a panic. Nor is it about me.

This is not what this post is about. It is however about stopping for a moment to consider the implications that not taking the right care of your body could mean. By care, I mean considered and informed understanding of what we are going through physically.I will be 43 years old in July. I am most certainly a candidate for checking up on my manly bits to see if everything is in order. It is simple enough to do and it saves lives.  I know how difficult the world would be without me. So I got it checked out.

Now whatever is the core reasoning behind men not talking about their health issues is a strange one. I don’t there are many men who would have an iota of an issue talking about the massive dump they took that morning. But the mere hint or suggestion that someone might have a finger up their asshole and suddenly everyone is a prude from the 1800’s.

I will be honest with you. The idea of being probed did leave me a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t so much about the asshole getting a good old fingering. It was as much an issue of the pure embarrassment of having some dude or lady-dude who, let’s be honest, this isn’t an ideal set-up, give you a bit of a one-two up your jacksie’ as you lay vulnerable on some doctors bed.

An ex-girlfriend took a great level of pleasure in knowing that I was due to have a check-up for my prostate. It wasn’t that she found it amusing. I think she just wanted to see me violated and uncomfortable. She wasn’t the most sympathetic type. But perhaps it was some nod to the fact that women see no issue with going to the gynae for regular tests and checks.

I approached my GP with a solemn and mature outlook and booked an appointment. I told him that my dad, my granddad etc. had both had prostate cancer in their 60’s. Here I am in my early 40’s and certainly a candidate for this check. I was ready to offer my arse up in submission.

I was told in no uncertain terms, that there are newer tests for that kind of stuff these days. Accurate tests. Simple tests., Even though a finger up your arse is about as simple as it gets.

Get it done son.

We have lost far too many good men from the simple issue of unnecessary shame and being a “boytjie”.

Go get off your arse and get a finger up it. Or go get the newer tests. Or get your partner to ram a digit up there someday. Who knows, it might save your life. Or give you a little death.

So what can you do? Other than get yourself checked out.  You can like, share and let more men learn that every GP out there is your  “Guynae.   Follow Guynae on Facebook and Twitter  for more info.


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