About Me

I have been involved in Stand up comedy worldwide for the past twelve years.

I’m a bit bored of it right now, so I am taking on a few more challenges to keep me feeling creative.  So here will be the home of a few blogs, some podcasts as well as the occasional video link to some of my work, rants or whatever.

If you need a more appropriate biography, just drop me a line and I can send you on to you.


Martin Evans

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi martin would be good to speak to you again!! your parents are seeing mine soon!!! are you in England? lots to catch up on!! pls get in touch!!xx


  2. Don’t know if you remember, but at the Arts Fest this year, when you were MC and you picked on that little blonde boy?
    He goes to my school. I don’t like him. It was amazing. Thank you.


    1. this is possibly the most amazing comment I have ever received for my blog. yes I remember the little dude.
      I am so glad to have been of assistance..


  3. off the blog,
    managing to standup again,
    but it still hurts to laugh

    excellent news!
    come to jozi!!!


  4. Watched ‘Come Dine with Me, SA’ and really was shocked at The Hut’s constant nonsense. I would have kicked him out as soon as I found out about the worm.


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