The Drivetime Robbery Podcast 10/11/11

Hello folks.
We pre-recorded the show this week.

The file is fairly large. 250 plus meg…but I think it is worthy every byte. We spoke with Sam Wilson and got some superb links from him which are included below. We also spoke with Rob Murray and played a bloody awesome mix of tunes.

Download the podcast HERE.

Here are the links to Sam’s Weird Shit..
Big Bad Wolf Music Video –

Mega Mash Game –

Yo Is This Racist –

Women Struggling To Drink Water –

Women Laughing Alone With Salad –

Look At This Fucking Hipster –

It’s Alive – A Tribute To Frankenstein –

Most Miserable Horses In The World –

Take This Lollipop –

Laurents Weird Shit

This week brought to you by Sam.

Again.  But he is most welcome

Action figures of famous artists (love the Bosch and Koontz and Murakami the mostest)

How to steal like an artist – just brilliant.
You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life. You are the sum of your influences. The German writer Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

Useful charts: Sandworm Scale

Every Man Looks Better With A Beard

I hate gym and I want this (with a helmet and knee pads and good health insurance) Tempest Free-running Academy

Hot elf maidens frolicking in the forest – fan-made ElfQuest movie

Forget space tourism – deepsea tourism is stranger and more alien

8 bit pantyhose

And very pointy Mexican boots

Secret Cold War underground city


Ladies and Gentlemen. I present, “The Polony Diaries”

Rob and I went on a food adventure.  We went in search of the history of polony.  What we found was a story of adventure and joy and a free gatsby.  Thanks kindly to the good people of the Golden Dish in Athlone.  It ’twas a most tasty experience. We got to go backstage at the best.

polony download here.  its lovely.

Music provided by Lowetjie Rothman.  Nice work sir.

Hens teeth. Its the 8th Show. Tune in/download the latest Drivetime Robbery

We have two brand new features in this weeks show.

We went on an amazing journey a few days ago, we went deep up the river of polony and nearly found the source.

We also have a telephone interview with Jim Jeffries.  He will be in South Africa in the next few days with shows in Cape Town and Joburg.

We have two sets of double tickets to give away.
We need you to send us your favourite Jim Jefferies punchline…send it to the twitter accounts @hellpants and @robvanvuuren

We have Wombat Sam in this week instead of Lauren.  she is probably doing something a lot more important.

Here are the Links for the week for the

“Lauren’s weird shit”
Who does the bible actually say to stone?,53734/

60 completely unusable stock photos

Amazing origami insects

Unfortunately Names Websites

GIRP game

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

Freddy Wong’s amazing videos

“Just Breathe” crowd-made emotionally uplifting song:

Lauren’s Weird Shit brought to you by @wombatsam

Here are the links for this weeks weird shit.

Webcomics: Dr McNinja / Axe Cop /

Desktop Dungeons

All of Billy Joel’s Songs Played At Once

Tinted Sheen


Lord Of The Rings – Whispers of Middle Earth

Japan Person Finder

All the No 1 Pop singles, 5 secs each

Fresh Hell Podcast

Drivetime Robbery Podcast is now up…download from here.

Hello folks.

This week, both Rob and I were unable to record the show live.  So in a way to make our lives a much more complex place, we deceided to go and record it live and in various parts.

On the show this week we have a fantastic assortment of guests.

We have Siv Ngesi in studio, discussing his show “Dekaf”

We get to chat to Kevin McCallum in India who is covering the Cricket World Cup.
Interviews and live recordings of Guy Buttery as well as in studio chats with Regan from the Flamjangled Tea Party.

Drivetime Robbery Show Six

click above to download

Drivetime Robbery Show 4 with Rob Van Vuuren & Martin Evans

Hello Folks


Its the fourth show with Rob and my goodself

We’re going with a science theme today:

Let’s start with

Did viruses invent DNA?

Psych-Out Sexism
The innocent, unconscious bias that discourages girls from math and science.

And some fun ways to fight the bias, first up is Architect Barbie

And then there’s the Smithsonian’s Women of Science comics (alas video is not viewable outside USA – bah, humbug)

But how do you know if you have an unconscious bias in the first place?
Are you racist/sexist/dumb-assist? These handy tests will help you figure out if you’re Manyi…

Other neat stuff:
Polar bear swimmers playing underwater ice-hockey. Or is that under-ice water hockey?

3D printed food-sculptures

I managed to break the internet

Yesterday saw the 2nd show from myself and the wonderful Rob Van Vuuren.  I saw wonderful as we are doing our own PR at this stage.  I was leaving they studio yesterday…unplugged my laptop, managed to hit a power switch and literally killed the whole station dead.  That ladies and gentlemen….is the power of the Daytime Robbery with Rob Van Vuuren and me.,…Martin “Hellpants” Evans.

Wonderful, wacky, and armed with an effing backstage pass to the u2 gig tonight.

Good luck you little turdette. I hear Bono gobs on the front row people for being privileged.  Enjoy.  I myself will be standing with the rest of the proletariat.  Judging and waiting for songs they probably will not play..


but you see….it brings be full circle.  When I was a lighty back in high school.  U2 released their best work in my opinion.  Rattle and Hum.  Granted they had already started to become a bit too successfull by that stage. I was lucky enough to have my gran bring out their new album (on cassette I might add) to South AFrica for me as a wee gift.  I took it to school and it raised me to a level of cool that I have yet to replicate in life.


The album was banned after their wee retorts about Desmond Tutu… The song was called “Silver and Gold” and ironically…that is what you require to get into the show.  Tickets are super costly.  But i have been fortunate enough to score a free ticket.  My fiancee works for Primedia that is one of the media partners behing bringing them out…..anyway…..the words Bono uttered where as follows:

“This song was written in a hotel room in New York City ’round about the time a friend of ours, Little Steven, was putting together a record of “Artists Against Apartheid”. This is a song written about a man in a shanty town outside of Johannesburg. A man who’s sick of looking down the barrel of white South Africa. A man who is at the point where he is ready to take up arms against his oppressor. A man who has lost faith in the peacemakers of the west while they argue and while they fail to support a man like Bishop Tutu and his request for economic sanctions against South Africa..Am I buggin’ you? I don’t mean to bug ya. OK Edge….play the blues..”

Got to say….Im really looking forward to seeing them tonight.  If only to remind me of my youth….the days when a double cassette of music made you cool.  and to see the stadium packed to capacity.  nice.

Drivetime Robbery with Rob Van Vuuren and Hellpants on @2OVFM

Hello kindly people.

Today marks the second installment of the Drivetime Robbery with Rob Van Vuuren and my goodself.  You can stream the audio from this link Here is the some of the goodies lined up for this week’s show.

We have several in studio interviews for the show.

Including a live set from Rudi and Andre’ of Ashtray Electric who will be at the upcoming RAMFEST.

Lauren Beukes returns with “Lauren’s Weird Shit”  Check out the following links that she is going to be discussing with us:

The Simpsons House as a Quake III level

Narco-drug smuggling submarine (we all live in a narco submarine, a narco submarine)

Back to the Future – now and then photography project:

Project new wallpaper onto the walls of this room – change your décor daily.

Stem cell art

(linked to Victimless Leather – which had to be “put down” in 2008.

Space Beer

And… Rob van Vuuren in Left Hanging…

We will also be chatting to Zwai Bala in New York on his recent Grammy Nomination.  Also on the phone, will be Richard Nwamba, to discuss the blind duo, Amadou and Mariam, from Mali, supporting U2 on concert

Throw in a little Louw Venter in studio and mix it up with some of the best tunes available.  It is going to be a cracker of a show.

Cheers Folks