Wearing the (hell)pants #STOPTHENONSENSE #GOODDEED

Its time to stop the nonsense. When I was a kid, life was pretty simple when it came to food. For lunch you got a polony sandwich, and if you were particularly well behaved a chicken and mushroom pie. Mostly around your birthday. My friends kids today speak of having a deconstructed mac and cheese … Continue reading Wearing the (hell)pants #STOPTHENONSENSE #GOODDEED

Best Restaurants in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a food city. Whilst everyone has a differing opinion on the Cape about something or another. Pretty much everyone agrees that the quality of food in this city is outstanding. http://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/cape-town-food-3rd-best-in-world-1.1844675#.VTpdd62eDGc I eat out a lot. I guess you could say almost vulgarly. But there is always a new place to try, … Continue reading Best Restaurants in Cape Town?