Video proof that Michael Jackson is still touching children.

Michael Jackson just cannot be trusted. Dead since June 25 2009, yet here is proof that he is still touching children. Go to around the one minute mark to see what I mean. No videos of have been found to date of Jurie Els touching any kids. At least musically that is..


This is what it sounds like when doves cry

I love Prince. He makes amazing music. But he is no David Attenborough. When I was a kid, I often wondered what doves crying actually sounds like. I'm going to guess it's a bit like this. or this.... More of life's questions to be answered soon.

My kind of Good Friday. Black Crowes style…

If there is a man who has managed to do the "hairy hippy" look and wear it well. It has to be Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. One of my all time favourite bands. This is more my kind of Good Friday. Have a peaceful whatever you want this weekend. much love martin