“Rants with Pants” podcast is up on iTunes and Podomatic.


What a skiddle. Trying to get wordpress to link up to a podcast. Then trying to find a host that allows you to post multiple episodes without paying more than a gym contract a month.  So here we are.  Finally able to post on iTunes.I have recorded many podcasts over the years.  Most of which have never been released online.  I will be releasing a mix of vintage podcasts and newer episodes.  At the moment it might be a bit haphazard.  But give it a few weeks and I think i will find my stride.I need to ask a favour though. Would you please take a listen, subscribe, share and write a little review for me?  Thank you. That will really help get this going.

Rants with Pants Podcast

Rants with Pants Episode 5

Still no joy. Still no effing joy at getting this thing to submit and verify with iTunes.

Do I give up? No.
Do I have to fork out money?  Yes.

Recorded in my car on my way to my buddy Gareth Allison’s house for his internet wisdom and skills. Sadly it’s still not resolved.

Anyway.  This is a more optimistic post than yesterday.  The benefits of your imagination online. Thanks for listening.  Again, I appreciate any follows, shares and feedback.


Rants with Pants Episode 4

Feeling like shit today. So I just recorded this from the flat.
The banging in my head is made worse by the building site across from me and their flamboyant use of loud tools.  This is a shout out to MyCiti bus services. You suck. So so much.

Thank you for the feedback so far folks.  All comments and listens appreciated.

Rants with Pants Episode 3

I went for a little wander down to the shops and pretty much just spoke to myself like a madman.

Anyway. Here is episode three. Essentially me just moaning about Uber eats and home security.

I tried posting this from my phone and tablet earlier. Didn’t work.  In the process of getting home, I ended up in an argument with. Hang on. That’s tomorrow’s episode.

A word of advice for South African Comics. Do yourself a favour & listen to @marcmaron podcast #WTF

One thing comics do like no others, is drive about and bitch to each other of all the ill’s and woe’s of this comedy industry.
From what acts we like through to whose’ girlfriend slept with who. It can be facinating and all too ego fuelled at the same time.

I started listening to Marc Maron’s podcast about six months ago. I think his voice, intellect and understanding of the industry qualifies him beautifully to hold and host these talks with other comics. I think I found a great deal of comfort listening to the words of the other comics. Honest and beautiful stuff. Stories of people’s lives that I have never heard another person draw out of conversation. Too the comics out there. Listen to these words. They really are significant and usefull to your career and development. To everyone else. It gives an honest open account of what life is like as an entertainer. Not always pretty, but always beautiful.

Drivetime Robbery Podcast is now up…download from here.

Hello folks.

This week, both Rob and I were unable to record the show live.  So in a way to make our lives a much more complex place, we deceided to go and record it live and in various parts.

On the show this week we have a fantastic assortment of guests.

We have Siv Ngesi in studio, discussing his show “Dekaf”

We get to chat to Kevin McCallum in India who is covering the Cricket World Cup.
Interviews and live recordings of Guy Buttery as well as in studio chats with Regan from the Flamjangled Tea Party.

Drivetime Robbery Show Six

click above to download